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IUSSP at ALAP 2020 – see scientific program for details:

Dec 9, 2020, 11h15-12h45 (Santiago, Chile time zone) Round-Table: Asociaciones regionales de población y agenda de investigación

Dec 09, 2020, 11h15-12h45 – (Santiago, Chile time zone). MR.01 – Round-Table: Prioridades en investigación y en generación de información sobre migración internacional: perspectivas para una encuesta mundial sobre migración

Dec 9, 2020, 13h00-14h00 (Santiago, Chile time zone) PR.02 – Presentation – Session of IUSSP about the International Population Conference 2021. situation status.

Dec 10, 2020, 11h15-12h45 – (Santiago, Chile time zone) – MR.09 – Round-Table Rethinking training in demography for the 21st Century

See below the September Bulletin which includes information on the webinar on COVID-19 mortality that featured papers from Latin America as well as the obituary for Brigida Garcia.

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